About Us


CHAS is a caring group of women who raise funds and volunteer to improve the health and well-being of children and young adults in Calgary and area.


Another 100 years of inspiring charity.


Effective:  CHAS believes in making meaningful contributions by effectively sourcing and evaluating worthy agencies and projects.  CHAS believes in being responsive to community needs.

Accountable:  CHAS commits to responsible and transparent fiscal stewardship, ensuring a sustainable and effective organization.  CHAS demonstrates commitment and integrity in relationships with members, donors, recipients, and partners.

Social:  CHAS values relationships that reflect compassion, generosity, and empathy to build stronger individuals and communities.

Why give to CHAS?

We carefully and rigorously screen and scrutinize, and occasionally source to ensure worthy projects and recipients, adhering to strict guidelines.  Salaries do not qualify for funding.

Administrative costs are kept to less than 3.5%.


The CHAS logo was designed by an Alberta College of Art & Design (ACAD) student in 1988.

The objective was to establish a graphic symbol that would identify CHAS and refer to its function and goals. The circular directional arrows converge to form the central symbol of the child. The four circular elements focus attention on the child in the centre – suggesting a network of support.


CHAS Fast Facts

  • CHAS was established in Calgary in 1908. It is one of the oldest philanthropic organizations in Alberta.
  • CHAS is 100% volunteer run with up to 75 volunteers intent on improving children’s health and welfare.
  • CHAS is recognized on the Alberta Children’s Hospital “Wall of Donors” as a $1 million contributor, and has donated over $4.7 million to the Hospital since 1977.
  • Annual charity fundraisers include a Golf tournament, a Bridge luncheon, a Christmas Holiday luncheon and other key events.
  • CHAS funds as much as $500,000 + annually for children in the Calgary area.