Funding Request Guidelines


CHAS is a caring group of women who raise funds and volunteer to improve the health and well-being of children and young adults in Calgary and area.


Another 100 years of inspiring charity.


Effective:  CHAS believes in making meaningful contributions by effectively sourcing and evaluating worthy agencies and projects.  CHAS believes in being responsive to community needs.

Accountable:  CHAS commits to responsible and transparent fiscal stewardship, ensuring a sustainable and effective organization.  CHAS demonstrates commitment and integrity in relationships with members, donors, recipients, and partners.

Social:  CHAS values relationships that reflect compassion, generosity, and empathy to build stronger individuals and communities.

Granting Priorities

  • All grants must support the mission, vision and values of CHAS
  • CHAS will support and fund programs, equipment, capital projects, and research at the Alberta Children’s Hospital as well as at satellite and other facilities related to children’s health and well being
  • CHAS will continue our long-standing commitment to Camp Horizon
  • CHAS will support requests from community organizations, provided such requests meet the criteria established by CHAS
  • Grants are awarded for definite purposes and for a specific period of time. Multi- year grants are subject to annual performance reviews.

Guidelines for Applicants

CHAS has been actively raising money in the community since 1909 and has a number of designated and undesignated funds. Gifts, bequests and donations received by the Society are disbursed to the Alberta Children’s Hospital and others.

  • CHAS supports capital projects, research equipment, early intervention initiatives and health and wellness programs for children of Calgary and Southern Alberta.
  • Grants are made to registered non-profit organizations registered with Revenue Canada. Organizations seeking funds must demonstrate fiscal responsibility, sound management and accountability.
  • CHAS does not provide financial support to annual fund raising campaigns (example: United Way).
  • CHAS does not pay salaries. Funding requests should not include a salary component.
  • CHAS usually funds camperships with Casino funds. As CHAS must adhere to AGLC (Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis) guidelines, we are currently limited to grants of $5000 annually.

Grant Application Process

CHAS reviews applications on a regular basis.

  • A formal application form must be received by CHAS before a request is considered. Copies are available through the Request Chair, any member of CHAS, or on the CHAS website:
  • Each request will be assessed by the Request Committee. The Request Committee will obtain further information if necessary.
  • Applications are reviewed by the Request Committee twice yearly, once in the spring and once in the fall.  Applications must be received by March 1stfor the spring review and by October 1st for the fall review.
  • The Request Committee will present all requests to the Executive Committee which will then take such requests to the general membership for approval or rejection.
  • The Chair of the Request Committee will inform all applicants of the decision and will outline any terms or conditions of any grant that has been awarded.

Successful Applicants

CHAS requires that applicants who receive funding do the following:

1. Send a letter acknowledging the amount received along with the charitable number to:

Children’s Hospital Aid Society
Box 900
Calgary, Alberta  T2P 2M7
Attention: CHAS Treasurer

2. Complete a Funding Approval Feedback Form, a paper copy of which is sent to the applicant along with a letter and a cheque.


Download Guidelines

Please feel free to download a PDF copy of our Funding Request Guidelines.

Adobe-PDF-CHAS- Application Click here