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Children’s Hospital Aid Society (CHAS) has been fundraising on behalf of the children of Calgary for over 110 years.

CHAS has been a supporter of the Alberta Children’s Hospital since its inception. CHAS has supported structural improvements, equipment, research, programs and general well being of children.

In the community, CHAS has supported children’s groups, provided health and learning needs, equipment, structural improvements and long-standing camperships for all to have fun.

CHAS has raised and donated in excess of $9.8 million in the past 40 years.


Why give to CHAS?

We carefully source and scrutinize worthy recipients and projects, adhering to strict guidelines. Salaries do not qualify for funding.

Administrative costs are kept to less than 3.5%.


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2018 Generosity of Spirit Honouree – Philanthropic Group

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CHAS is named honouree in the Philanthropic Group category of the Generosity of Spirit Award by the Association of Fundraising Professionals (read more)


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